peter capaldi doctor who cards against humanity 'Doctor Who' fans create themed 'Cards Against Humanity' variation

If you’re a “Doctor Who” fan who loves to play card games, the world just got a bit brighter. A variation of “Cards Against Humanity” has been created, made up of nothing but “Doctor Who” jokes and references.
Of course, “Cards Against Humanity” is filled with crude and offensive humor, intended for audiences 17 years old and up, and this version, “Cards Against Gallifrey,” is no different. In addition to some of the NSFW options though, there are some genuinely funny options mixed in, like “A blinged-out TARDIS blasting dubstep when it is traveling.” Go ahead and picture that.
The reason this game is possible legally is because “Cards Against Humanity” is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, meaning anyone can remix the game and make their own version, though it cannot be sold. “Cards Against Gallifrey” was made by Conventional Improv and is available for free download, as is the original “Cards Against Humanity.”