kristen schaal birthday gi Happy birthday, Kristen Schaal: 5 videos proving Louise rules 'Bob's Burgers'

Say what you will about “Bob’s Burgers,” we all know who’s calling the shots in the Belcher family and that’s Louise. The character, voice by Kristen Schaal, takes no attitude from anyone but has plenty to dish out, either through insults or villainous schemes.
Schaal celebrates her 36th birthday Friday (Jan. 24) and it feels like there is only one way to properly mark the occasion. So sit back and enjoy five Louise moments that prove she’s the one in charge on “Bob’s Burgers,” whether her family realizes it or not.
She obviously knows better than her dad.

She even has a feasible plan to kidnap Santa Claus.

She has no problem hurting people, if needed.

She doesn’t need to hurt anyone, though. Her words are enough.

Five moments aren’t enough, so here’s a bunch in one video.