If anybody wouldn’t be scared of a zombie prank by now, you’d think it’s someone from the cast of “The Walking Dead.” After all, zombies are their bread and butter.
Still, a good prank can fool just about anyone and Norman Reedus is a perfect example of that. The actor, who plays Daryl on the series, was set up by his co-star Andrew Lincoln and a man named Nick Santonastasso, born with only one arm and no legs, for a proper zombie scare.
While in Tokyo doing press for the show, Reedus thinks he’s simply waiting in a hotel room for an interview to begin. What he doesn’t realize is that “Walking Dead” makeup guru Greg Nicotero has turned Santonastasso into as lifelike a walker as possible and hidden him in the room. When he reveals himself, the end result is perfect. The best part of the video is how Reedus is a little starstruck by Santonastasso, having seen his other videos before.