With Jay Leno’s time as “Tonight Show” host coming to an end, there are only a few opportunities left for special memories to be created. During Bill Maher’s final appearance on Leno’s version of the show, he remembered back to when Johnny Carson was nearing the end of his tenure.
“When Johnny Carson was leaving, Bette Midler famously came out and sang to him and I thought you deserved no less,” he says. Unfortunately for Leno, Midler wouldn’t answer the call. “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane would, though.
That led to a duet from Maher and MacFarlane, who treated Leno to a rendition of “Thanks for the Memory,” which included nods to beating David Letterman in the ratings and getting fired from the show twice. They also hint that maybe he’ll end up on FOX when all is said and done.
Leno’s last “Tonight Show” is Feb. 6 on NBC.