teletubbies north korea 'Teletubbies', 'EastEnders' could broadcast on TV in North Korea

Watching TV in North Korea isn’t all that exciting at this point. After all, it’s run by the government and leader Kim Jong-un doesn’t really seem like a sitcom kind of guy. That may all be changing though, thanks to the kids show “The Teletubbies.”
According to the Sunday Times, foreign secretary William Hague is working with BBC Worldwide to bring certain programming to the nation. The goal is to attempt to sell the airing rights of inoffensive shows to the state-run broadcaster and “Teletubbies” is at the top of the list.
The reason the show — which stars multicolored creatures Dipsy, La-La, Tinky Winky and Po — is in the running is because they don’t have any dialogue. According to a source, certain other BBC shows like “EastEnders” would also be a fitting choice to air in the country.
If North Korea is lucky they might also be able to get their hands on “Doctor Who,” since BBC is behind the plan.