urx unit loader 'Twisted' Season 1 recap video looks back at the dark saga of Danny Desai

“Twisted” returns to ABC Family in just two short weeks, where we’ll jump right back into Danny’s troubled world full of mystery, murder and love triangles. Zap2it has a fun exclusive video as a refresher to help prepare for its return.

Can’t remember where we left off? (Hint: Danny’s on the lam and not all presumed dead are actually deceased.) Then you’re in luck — the clip is all of Season 1 so far in a handy two-minute package.

Why did Danny murder his Aunt Tara? Who killed Regina? And who does Danny actually love: Jo or Lacey? While the recap may not come equipped with answers, it’ll sure have you excited to find out.

Check out the look back at Season 1 so far and be sure to tune in when “Twisted” returns on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC Family.