Check out this funny behind-the-scenes video of the “Downton Abbey” cast talking about who they think are the hunkiest men on the show.

Laura Carmichael: “They’re all pretty gorgeous, aren’t they? … Gary Carr, he’s pretty gorgeous.”

Hugh Bonneville: “Obviously Allen Leech, the guy’s beefed up to no end this year. … The two suitors of Lady Mary in Season 4 are fairly easy on the eye.”

Allen Leech: “Maggie Smith would be well up there … Robert James-Collier.”

To which James-Collier says: “I have no target demographic, I play a gay character and I don’t even get any love from gay men out there.”

Lesley Nicol: “They’re quite a nice-looking bunch, actually. … I think different ones appeal to different women.”

Michelle Dockery: “They’re all really handsome.”

Phyllis Logan: “Mr. Carson, he’s my hunk.”

James-Collier: “Brendan Coyle for the over-40s, Allen Leech for the over-30s and Ed Speleers for the over-20s.”

Carmichael: “Of course, there’s the one and only Jim Carson, who’s the best heartthrob of them all, for sure.”

Who’s your favorite heartthrob on “Downton”? Vote now in our poll — for us, it’s a toss-up between Allen Leech and Gary Carr. The PBS drama airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.