charlotte dawson next top model found dead australia 'Australia's Next Top Model' judge Charlotte Dawson found dead

Charlotte Dawson, a former judge on “Australia’s Next Top Model” was found dead in her apartment on Saturday (Feb. 22) at age 47. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a real estate agent found Dawson after entering the apartment around 11:20 a.m., wanting to inspect it prior to it being auctioned off. The agent immediately contacted police.
In the past, Dawson was very open about her battles with depression, remarking in an interview roughly a week ago, “I continue to fight my depression — it’s a b**** of a thing.” She was also reportedly having a hard time with a tell-all interview on “Australia’s “60 Minutes,” where she confessed to still loving her former husband.
Dawson was previously admitted to the hospital in 2012 due to a suicide attempt after being targeted in an organized cyber-bullying campaign, due in part to her involvement in an initiative that fought back against the form of harassment.