“Downton Abbey” is bringing Season 4 to a close Sunday, Feb. 23 with a trip to London for most of the Crawley family, as Lady Rose is being presented during “the season.” In this sneak peek clip, Cora’s mother and brother, Martha (Shirley MacLaine) and Harold (Paul Giamatti) arrive at the London manor.

Martha is her usual outspoken self, while Harold seems rather prickly to his never-before-seen niece Edith. He’s nice enough, but he would definitely rather be anywhere than going to London society balls.

He brings with him a wide-eyed valet named Ethan Slade, who says to Daisy, “Aren’t you excited?”, to which she replies, “I’m never excited.” That’s our Daisy.

“Downton Abbey” airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on PBS.