All it takes is 10 dollars and you could end up on a date with George Clooney. Jean Allen is living proof of that after winning a charity raffle to get a night out with the “Monuments Men” star.
Allen and her eight-year-old daughter accompanied Clooney to the premiere of “The Monuments Men,” the first date since 2010 for the single mom. “George has been amazing,” she tells “Good Morning America.” “He would make a great dad.”
Before walking the red carpet, Allen got a day of pampering, including getting her hair done and picking out a gown to wear. When the time finally came to meet Clooney, she was calm as can be with a simple, “It’s so nice to meet you.”
After meeting the daughter as well, Clooney let the pair know what they are in for with the red carpet. “There will be a lot of people taking pictures,” he explains. “And they will be yelling like crazy.” In the end, it was a memorable experience for Allen and her daughter. “Amazing,” she says. “I cannot believe this.”
It just goes to show that people do actually win those charity raffles, so it’s always worth a shot.