After announcing that he would be opening a second Dumb Starbucks in Brooklyn, “Nathan For You” star Nathan Fielder watched as Los Angeles County health officials shut down his Southern California store.
However, in an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Fielder says the health officials were in the wrong. “What they don’t understand is that technically, legally-speaking, we’re an art gallery and the coffee we’re selling is the art,” he says. “So art galleries don’t need health permits.”
Dumb Starbucks was operating under parody law, which is why Fielder was able to use the Starbucks logo on his products. Not being classified as a restaurant is a good thing, Fielder says, “By not having the proper health permits and paying those fees, we’re able to pass the savings onto the customers.”

Would you purchase some of Fielder’s “coffee art”?