lucy hale baby daddy pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale on 'Baby Daddy': What did you think?Lucy Hale made her ABC Family comedy debut on Wednesday (Feb. 5) when she guest-starred on “Baby Daddy” as Piper Stockwell, a preacher’s daughter with a wild streak. Hale actually said in a pre-show interview that Piper is more similar to her “Pretty Little Liars” character Aria than one might think — they’re both liars, after all.

On “Baby Daddy,” Piper breezes into everyone’s lives because Riley’s (Chelsea Kane) firm is representing Piper’s reverend father for defrauding his congregation. She puts on a good front about not drinking or chasing boys, but that’s not what Piper’s like at all.

“Here’s how it’s gonna go down: You go pour me a drink, you shuffle the cards and [removes shirt] we’re gonna play a little game,” sasses Piper.

Piper also tells Ben that Riley is in love with him — “You’re pretty much all she talks about.” — and helps Ben get Riley back.

What did you think of Hale on “Baby Daddy”?