Everyone knows Benedict Cumberbatch can act. His work on “Sherlock” alone is enough to prove that, but throw him in a Khan in “Star Trek Into Darkness” and you’re set. Even his work in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” was pretty amazing.
You might not recall him being in the movie, but he was definitely there as a character you remember well. Cumberbatch played the role of Smaug, that giant dragon who was kind of a jerk.
While the dragon itself was computer-generated, Cumberbatch voiced it and wore a motion capture suit to create its movement. In a video released by THR, you can see some of the work he did, and it’s pretty impressive. Melding the CG creature and Cumberbatch’s movements and mannerisms was no simple task. Take a look at the video above for a small peek at how it was done.