sons of anarchy video game kurt sutter fx 'Sons of Anarchy' video game is happening, says Kurt Sutter

Have you ever wanted to live a day as a member of SAMCRO? That’s not really possible, but you may be able to get pretty close soon. According to “Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter, a video game adaptation of the series is on the way at some point.
Sutter shared the wonderful news on Twitter, after taking another shot at “The Devils Ride” creator Jason Hervey. “I cannot give you anymore details, but I will tell you that —
there will definitely be an ‘SOA’ GAME. And it’s pretty f***ing awesome,” he writes
Just to clarify for his followers, Sutter then tweets, “No, it’s not a board game.🙂 1st person, action adventure. HD graphics. It represents the evolution of gaming.” Where will the game end up, though? Is it for mobile devices or will it land on a console?
Previously, Sutter said the prospects of a video game for the show were “not looking good.” Obviously, times have changed and hopefully it’ll happen sooner than later.