mark boone junior sons of anarchy harley davidson gi 'Sons of Anarchy's' Mark Boone Junior: 'We basically saved Harley'

While “Sons of Anarchy” may portray a pretty terrible life, littered with death, drugs and mayhem, the show has had one very notable positive impact. As the popularity of the show rises, so does that of riding motorcycles.
For the motorcycle industry, that’s a good — and desperately needed — thing. According to THR, motorcycle sales in the United States reached 465,783 in 2013, the highest they’ve been since topping 1 million units sold in 2007. When the economy crashed, so did America’s need to buy a new bike.
Now, they’re on the rise again and Harley-Davidson is headed toward prominence. “We basically saved Harley,” “Sons of Anarchy” star Mark Boone Junior jokes. The company, which provides motorcycles for use on the show, saw their sales jump 6 percent in 2013.
With “Sons of Anarchy” coming to an end after Season 7, it’s time for Harley-Davidson to start figuring out their next tie-in. Kurt Sutter’s next project, “The Bastard Executioner,” isn’t likely to have any motorcycles in it.