steven moffat doctor who american gi Steven Moffat: An American 'Doctor Who' remake would be 'insane' and 'dreadful'

Add another name to the list of those who don’t want to see an American version of “Doctor Who”: Current showrunner Steven Moffat doesn’t like the idea at all. In fact, it sounds like he downright hates it.
“If anyone were to ask me, I’d say it’s an absolutely insane idea,” Moffat shared at the BBC Worldwide Showcase. “You couldn’t have more than one Doctor Who in the world. It would just be dreadful.” Seeing as the BBC version isn’t going away anytime soon, hopefully the franchise will be safe from remakes for now.
Would an American version of the Doctor work anyway? Like “Sherlock,” Moffat thinks the show “couldn’t be more definitively British. They’re obtusely British. They’re about as British as it gets.”
Besides, the Doctor with an American accent? It’s just wrong.