Whenever WWE superstar John Cena walks into an arena, the screams from his younger fans are practically deafening. As the most popular wrestler in the company, Cena has built a huge fanbase of children who view him as a real-life superhero.
With that in mind, it only makes sense that Zap2it gathered a few questions from those younger fans when sitting down to talk to him about his 10 Weeks Body Change fitness and nutrition program. If you ever wanted to know his thoughts about real issues, like his favorite breakfast cereal and what it’s like being Fred Figglehorn’s dad in the Nickelodeon “Fred” movies, then look no further.  He even tackles the age-old question of which character on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” is the best.
Cena also talked about various WWE topics, including the CM Punk situation, and his favorite event to watch at the Olympics.