archer vice baby shower kenny loggins 'Archer Vice' GIFs: Kenny Loggins plays for Lana's 'Baby Shower'On the latest “Archer Vice” episode, Sterling and Pam go after Kenny Loggins — “K-Log” — to play Lana’s baby shower. Nothing goes down with the new cocaine biz except that they aren’t making any money, hopefully next week they’re into more cocaine shenanigans.

But the K-Log storyline is more than enough for an episode, it’s hilarious. Loggins tells Zap2it that he loved the outrageous version of himself and that he’d definitely be up for returning. We’d love to hear him and Cherlene duet on “I’m Alright.”

Here are the best lines and GIFs from “Baby Shower.”

Best Lines:

Malory: “Do yourself and those bosoms of yours a favor and get a wet nurse.”
Lana: “That cannot still be a thing.”

Archer: “I’ll plant a red fern for ya, jug.”

Archer: “I don’t know about you, but I’m going to be pretty upset if I end up having to murder Kenny Loggins.”
Pam: ” …. meh.”