urx unit loader 'Divergent's' Theo James: 'Downton Abbey' sex scene was done 'method style'

Theo James may be starring in one of the hottest movies of 2014 when “Divergent” hits theaters Firday (March 21), but TV watchers know him from something wildly different — as the late Mr. Pamuk from “Downton Abbey.”

His “Downton” character engaged in some sexy time with Lady Mary Crawley, only to wind up dead as a doornail in her bed. “S***, it must have been incredible sex for him to die midway through,” James cracks on “Chelsea Lately.”

He also jokes, “We did that method-style. Obviously not the death, but I said that I had to do it full-on and be there in the moment, in the castle, doing it full penetration.”

Woo woo. We wonder if he knows about the “Downton Abbey” porn parody?

“Divergent” opens Friday nationwide.