peter capaldi doctor season 8 sonic screwdriver bbc 1 'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi wields sonic screwdriver during Season 8 filming

Somehow, this actually makes it all seem a bit more real. Fans viewing the filming of “Doctor Who” Season 8 have captured footage of new Doctor Peter Capaldi with a sonic screwdriver in hand.
In one video, which you can see below, there is a shot of a robotic monsters Capaldi will undoubtedly face, plus lots of the Doctor running around with his screwdriver. It’s definitely leading him somewhere, and chances are it’s in the direction of trouble.
The way Capaldi is running around looks a bit comical, so the humor is definitely still there. All of these tiny little looks at the new season is enough to drive any Whovian crazy. With production ongoing, hopefully the BBC will offer something official soon just to whet the appetite.