johnny knoxville birthday gi Happy birthday, Johnny Knoxville: 'Jackass' star's 5 best stunts

It’s Johnny Knoxville’s birthday and the thing he’s likely most thankful for is the fact that he’s alive and still able to walk. Through the TV and movie versions of “Jackass,” Knoxville has put himself through as much pain and torture, if not more, than any of his co-stars.
Turning 43 years old on Tuesday (March 11), Knoxville shows no signs of slowing down, if “Jackass: Bad Grandpa” is any indication. To properly mark Knoxville’s birthday, take a look back at five of his very best “Jackass” moments.
‘Self Defense’

‘The Invisible Man’

‘Viva La Bam Prank War’

‘Boxing Butterbeam’

‘Human BBQ’