What “The Wonder Years” did for the late 1960s, “Surviving Jack” is looking to do for the early 1990s. Of course, the ’90s were a lot louder than the ’60s, and the nostalgia is going to be quite a bit brighter.
From slap bracelets to neon, the era was filled with an array of fashion that would eventually become regrettable. Perhaps no type of clothing was scarier than hypercolor. Sure, the name sounds cool, but it was clothing that changed color based on heat. Something like that leads to many embarrassing armpit stains for those who wore them.
Above, take a look at video explaining exactly what hypercolor is and how it fits into the show. If “Surviving Jack” is to be believed, girls can look past such a tragic fashion statement, if they really like the guy who’s making it.
“Surviving Jack” premieres Thursday (March 27) on FOX.