the office pop culture supercut videos nbc 'The Office': Watch every single cultural reference in supercut videos

“The Office” was never short on its references to various aspects of culture, but you may be very surprised by just how many. One superfan has gone through each episode of the series and broken the references up by year.
It took a year-and-a-half for Joe Sabia to document every single cultural nod and organize them into videos for his website, “‘The Office’ is relatable (and hilarious) because it borrows so much from culture, and people get the references,” he writes on the site. “Culture is society’s collected knowledge, art, and customs. It’s what surrounds us and unites us, and it allows us to collectively laugh at a joke in ‘The Office’ about Ben Franklin or M. Night Shyamalan. Culture, simply put, is the seasoning in a meal.”
When visiting the website, you simply enter a year at the top and click “Go.” Magically, a video will pop up containing any references from that year. Take a look at the site and travel through time with “The Office.”
Check out a few of the supercut videos below.