homestar runner strong bad april fools day 'Homestar Runner' returns for April Fools' Day with new short

It’s the best gift anyone could ask for on April 1, “Homestar Runner” has returned after a more than three-year absence.
The new animated short, which took the internet by complete surprise, appears on the front page of the “Homestar Runner” website. What looks like just any other regular site introduction turns into a salute to the site’s best bits, including Strong Bad’s emails.
The animated characters don’t offer any explanation for the absence but definitely aren’t short on the funny. Sadly, there’s no information on whether or not to expect more new content from the website. You can dream though, right?
The site first launched in 2000 and gained notoriety due to the world of characters created. Eventually the creators expanded into video games and beyond before abruptly going on hiatus in 2010.
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