It might not be Halloween quite yet, but that doesn’t mean Ellen DeGeneres is going to miss out on an opportunity to scare one of her famous guests.

On Wednesday (Sept. 24), “Modern Family” star Eric Stonestreet stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with bodyguards in tow. Why? Well, because he was protecting himself from the Queen of Pranks who has scared him on the show many times before.

“These are my two best friends, Paul and Stacey, here to have my back today, Ellen,” says Stonestreet. “They are gonna go back stage [and] create a perimeter.”

He then tells his friends that if they see anything — “a guy in a dog costume, a clown costume, a transparent 1930’s girl with a rag doll floating in the air” — they shouldn’t hesitate to interrupt the interview and tell him.

Unfortunately for Stonestreet, his bodyguards aren’t able to help him when a clown pops out from a nearby coffee table.

Hopefully Stonestreet will have the courage to come back to the show another time.