angels among us season 1 rosie george 'Angels Among Us' confirms you can't use guardian angel gifts to shop for anniversary gifts

If you were to have the gift of communicating with guardian angels, you would think that you’d be able to use that to your advantage. After all, medium Rosie Cepero makes a living off of it and has her own TV show in “Angels Among Us.” So, if you needed to figure out an anniversary present for a man who’s difficult to shop for, what’s the harm in communicating with his guardian angel for a little retail-related help?

That is the second biggest question to come out of the season finale of “Angels Among Us.” 

“I don’t know why I don’t want her to read me. Maybe I’m scared. Maybe I’m afraid of what she might tell me.”

After 33 years of marriage and George Sr.’s aversion to ever being read by Rosie, he allows her to make a connection with his guardian angel: his maternal grandfather. It’s a moment all about forgiveness, because George and his grandfather had an argument before the man’s death (a common thread in a lot of these readings, actually) and George had been holding on to the hate for so long. See? Nothing to fear, George. So if Rosie can do that, finding an anniversary present for her husband should be a piece of cake, right?

It is, but only with the help of her children, who don’t have the gift of communication with guardian angels. It’s such a disappointment.

But that brings us to the first biggest question to come out of the season finale. It’s actually the one question that has been a part of the series from the very beginning: Is there any real confirmation that guardian angels exist and that Rosie Cepero can actually see them?

No matter how many episodes of “Angels Among Us” air, there are always going to be those calling it out as a fraud. If Rosie Cepero is a con artist, then it’s an interesting situation. Where is the moral line when it comes to a con that leads to the emotional, and sometimes mental, betterment of the people who come to see Rosie? 

She’s bringing them hope and a reason to believe in something, so it’s not like they’re not getting anything in return. Annette, the woman who wants to know that her partner Debbie is watching over over, gets something out of this. Matt, the man who thought his dad died hating him, gets something out of this. And everyone involved gets hugs. It’s a win-win, isn’t it? That has to be real, right?

After all this, where do you stand on Rosie Cepero’s “gift”? Leave your thoughts in the comments.