Jimmy Fallon has finally met his match in Mark Ruffalo.

On Thursday’s (Nov. 21) episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the host with a knack for ridiculously hilarious and inventive games released his newest creation: “Musical Beers,” which is an alcoholic version of musical chairs with red cups instead of chairs.

Here’s how it works: Five contestants — Fallon, Ruffalo, Stephen Merchant, Steve Higgins and The Root’s Tariq — race around a table and, when the creepy carnival music stops, they have to grab a cup filled with beer. Those without cups in their hands are out.

In the above clip, everything starts out somewhat peacefully, until strategy comes into play. Fallon — who is known for being quite competitive when it comes to his own games on the show — isn’t too happy when Merchant uses his “arm length” for an unfair advantage and when Ruffalo invades his personal space to poach one of his cups.

“Ah, what are you doing?” says Fallon to Ruffalo. “Stay away. He wrestles! He wrestles! I don’t like this.”

Fallon manages to break away from Ruffalo and, just as the music ends, grabs a cup right out of Merchant’s hands, causing him to spill beer all over himself and prove that he really is that competitive.

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Once Merchant leaves the game, things really start to heat up between Ruffalo and Fallon when the host threatens the actor as they chase each other around the table.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa — you saw what I did to Merchant,” says Fallon. “You don’t want this.”

As soon as the music stops, they both end up aggressively (and physically) fighting for the same red cup, and when neither one is willing to give up hold of the cup, they end up drinking out of it at the same time.

Unfortunately for the two grown men giggling while they push each other, they ultimately lose the game to the much more civilized Higgins and Tariq. Better luck next time, Fallon and Ruffalo.