charles halford matt ryan constantine nbc Constantine: Doctor Fates helmet isnt the only Easter egg youll findOne of the most entertaining things about watching TV shows adapted from comic books is to keep an eye out for little nods to the source material. The writers and creators love to throw in these Easter eggs for fans, even if it’s something as small as hinting at The Joker in a “Gotham” cast photo.

“Constantine” is no different, and actually lends itself to hidden treats. Since John, Chas and Zed spend the majority of their time in a cluttered mill house, it gives the show’s production designers plenty of room to play around with many characters and items from the “Hellblazer” comics.

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Zap2it, along with several other media outlets, was given the chance to tour “Constantine’s” mill house set with production designer Dave Blass and spotted some very fun Easter eggs. While at least one of them fans have undoubtedly seen, there are a couple that are a bit more hidden.

Helmet of Fate

constantine doctor fate helmet zap2it Constantine: Doctor Fates helmet isnt the only Easter egg youll find

This first appeared in a teaser for the show and sent fans into an uproar. The helmet belongs to the powerful sorcerer Doctor Fate, who was previously seen on “Smallville,” in addition to his comic book past. This particular helmet came to the set from DC Comics’ offices.

Pandora’s Box

constantine pandoras box zap2it Constantine: Doctor Fates helmet isnt the only Easter egg youll find

Don’t worry, Pandora’s box is supposed to be a skull. In the comics, this skull opens a gateway to another earth and let’s loose a whole lot of evil. Like Fate’s helmet, it was seen in a trailer for “Constantine.” It hasn’t become a plot point yet, but there’s always time should a Season 2 happen.

Hi Chas

constantine magnifying glass chas Constantine: Doctor Fates helmet isnt the only Easter egg youll find

This is less of a hidden DC Comics message than it is something silly. On one of the dust-coated magnifying glasses in the mill house, someone has used their finger to write a little message to Chas (Charles Halford). There’s no telling who put it there — a fellow cast member or even someone from the crew. Considering what goes on in the mill house though, the best bet is probably a ghost.


constantine zatara poster zap2it Constantine: Doctor Fates helmet isnt the only Easter egg youll find

This is possibly the crown jewel of “Constantine” Easter eggs, if only because it’s unlikely it’ll ever be seen on TV. This poster for Zatara the magician is hidden under a stack of books in the mill house and it’s special for a couple of reasons.

Zatara is a famous magician in the DC universe and, more importantly, the father of Zatana, a member of Justice League Dark alongside John Constantine and his one-time romantic interest. Then there’s the location of the magic show. The Monarch Theater is where Bruce Wayne attended a screening of “The Mask of Zorro” with his parents the night they were murdered in an alley. Long before Batman, Zatara took that same stage, it seems.

Additionally, a reader points out that the June 1938 date on the poster is also when the first issue of “Action Comics” — featuring both Zatara and Superman — was released to the public.

A map drawn my Map

This Easter egg was pointed out by Blass himself on Twitter, following the episode “Rage of Caliban.” The map used by John to find the ley lines was created by Ken Ondaate — otherwise known as the powerful magician “Map” to “Hellblazer” fans. In the comics, Map leaves his life as a magician to live a quiet one.

An homage to ‘The Exorcist’

Those who tuned in to the fall finale, “The Saint of Last Resorts,” may have noticed John pull out what he referred to as the Pazuzu amulet. If Pazuzu sounds familiar that’s because it’s the name of the demon that possesses Linda Blair in the 1973 classic horror movie “The Exorcist.” Considering how possession plays a key role in “Constantine,” the nod to the best-known movie that deals with the subject is more than welcome. Now they just need to work in a reference to Regan MacNeil — Blair’s character.

A small nod to ‘Breaking Bad’

When Mark Margolis appeared as Felix Faust in the episode “Quid Pro Quo,” Blass couldn’t help but reference his “Breaking Bad” role, Tio Salamanca. While Felix wasn’t in a wheelchair, a careful look at the table he does business at reveals a bell.

Another magician enters John’s world

In the Season 1 finale, you may have noticed security guards from Carswell security Service. In the comics, Alistair Carswell is actually another magician that John stops from sacrificing a baby. Looks like maybe Alistair is fighting for good, instead.

These are just a few of the many things hidden on shows like “Constantine,” making for a fun scavenger hunt for keen-eyed fans. Next time you tune in, make sure to take a peek at what’s going on in the background, because you never know what you’ll see.