Christopher Eccleston in Doctor WhoIt’s been 10 years since “Doctor Who” returned to television, and what an impact it’s made during that time. 

Throughout the years David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi have worn the Doctor’s face, but it’s thanks to Christopher Eccleston’s jarringly different take on the Time Lord that the show is still around. His portrayal of the ninth incarnation of the character resonated with modern audiences and kicked off what would become a decade of “Doctor Who” mania.
In honor of the 10th anniversary of the premiere of “Rose,” here’s a look back at 10 times the 9th Doctor was “fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.”
1. When he made his debut

“I’m the Doctor, by the way.” What better way to introduce such an iconic character to a new generation?
2. When he cried

So much of the first season of “Doctor Who’s” return is about the Doctor coming to terms with having to destroy the Time Lords to end the Time War. This emotional scene, which took place at the end of the world, shows just how heavily that guilt is weighing on him — and gives Eccleston a fantastic showcase of his acting skills.
3. When he reunited with the Daleks

The 9th Doctor is known for his rage, and nothing made him more furious than the time he discovered that a Dalek survived the Time War. The scene where they first meet shows Eccleston portraying just about every emotion imaginable, and he is seriously fantastic.
4. When he taught Rose a sad lesson

Time Lords know they can’t change certain moments of the past, but Rose (Billie Piper) learned that lesson the hard way when she tricked the Doctor into taking her back in time to save her father. It created a series of timey-wimey paradoxes before her father realized he has to die for the world to return to normal — and also yielded one of the 9th Doctor’s best episodes.
5. When he accepted Jack Harkness

Let’s not forget that it’s thanks to the 9th Doctor that Whovians have Captain Jack Harkness. After a dramatic introduction in “The Empty Child,” the Doctor eventually accepts Jack as an ally and invites him on board the TARDIS in the following episode.
6. When he danced

“Oh, come on. Give me a day like this one.” The Doctor needed a big break, and he finally got one in the episode “The Doctor Dances.” Everybody lived, he saved the day and, most importantly, he remembered why he was called “The Doctor” to begin with.
7. When he gave that rescue speech

By the end of Season 1, the Doctor fully got his groove back. When he realized there was an entire Dalek army above Earth, he didn’t let the fact he had no weapons, no defenses and no plan get him down. Instead he used that lack of knowledge to spur him forward — something he’s done repeatedly in the years since.
8. When he sacrificed himself for his love

Is it too much to say that the 9th Doctor’s final episode is also by far his best? It’s loaded with sacrifice and heart-wrenching drama, which starts when he makes the decision to send Rose away and save her from an army of Daleks.
9. When he kissed Rose
9th doctor kisses rose bbc 'Doctor Who': 10 times the 9th Doctor was 'absolutely fantastic'
Though Rose’s relationship with the Doctor truly reached its peak with 10, her first and only kiss with 9 was one for the ages. While some fans didn’t respond well to the Doctor/Rose romance, no one can deny that it captured all of his complexity in one ill-fated smooch.
10. When he regenerated

Nowadays an entire Christmas special is dedicated to a Doctor’s regeneration, but Eccleston’s departure from the series was relatively subdued and emotional. Try not to cry watching the 9th Doctor saying goodbye to Rose, knowing he would never be the same with her again.