Walker and Pilgrim on 'Powers.'

As “Powers” reaches the end of it’s first season, things are going to get very bleak. While fans may hope their favorite characters will survive to see a potential Season 2, that may not be the case.
Creator and executive producer Brian Michael Bendis has some very ominous words for those who can’t wait to see how Season 1 is going to end. “Not everyone’s going to make it out in one piece,” he tells Zap2it. “Oh no!”
Having regained his powers and freedom, Wolfe (Eddie Izzard) is on the warpath with little regard for human life, powered or not. That leaves only Walker (Sharlto Copley) to attempt to defeat his former mentor, while giving up the search for his own powers — at least temporarily.
Who won’t survive the finale, though? While you might think the main cast is safe from Wolfe’s clutches, Bendis teases, “The actors on our show are just about as unsafe as actors on ‘The Walking Dead.'”
Still, it won’t all be bad news. While Bendis claims “some bombs being dropped,” leaving fans salivating for more of the series, the finale will give “true season resolution.”
“Thematically, the season finds a wonderful conclusion for a lot of characters, but stuff gets dark,” he says.
New episodes of “Powers” release Tuesdays on the Sony PlayStation Network.

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