We’re heading into Season 9 of “Doctor Who” this fall and over 6,000 San Diego Comic-Con attendees waited for hours to hear directly from Steven Moffat, Michelle Gomez, Jenna Coleman, and The Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi — in his first appearance ever at a Comic-Con! Panel host Chris Hardwick welcomed Hall H Whovians with a recap of everything that happened in Season 8.

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Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:34 pm

Steven Moffat on Peter Capaldi: “He’s a very distinct voice, and he’s Scottish, which is better.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:36 pm

Host Chris Hardwick turns to Michelle Gomez: “Luckily, I never know why I’m saying what I’m saying … I try to stay as present as I can on the day. It’s one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had. It’s a thrill … to be the Master.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:37 pm

Peter Capaldi: “It’s the only show that is in my bones, very deeply. I’ve followed it since I was six years old.  It’s the only show that I’ve been in that I knew and loved.”

Big awwww from the audience, of course.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:39 pm

Michelle Gomez, on The Master: “I think he or she or it, is everyone’s idea of the best villain you can have. She just has a kind of attitude where the rules don’t apply to her. It’s her life’s purpose to chase get The Doctor understand that she’s right.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:39 pm

Steven Moffat: The Doctor and The Master are best friends. It’s a friendship between a vegetarian and a hunter. It’s like: I like to kill the people for fun; doesn’t mean we can’t have a lovely time together.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:40 pm

Peter Capaldi on The Doctor’s viewpoint:

“Life is s***. There you go. Scottish philosophy.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:42 pm

Peter Capaldi: “He is not a soldier. He’d rather sit in the car park at night, looking at the stars. He’s not a military figure. He’s a bohemian slash philosopher slash rebel Time Lord.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:44 pm

What is going to happen in Season 9? The audience is about to check out a trailer!

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:45 pm

Season 9 will premiere on September 19, 2015

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:46 pm

Steven Moffat on Maisie Williams: “I can’t say a single thing about it.”

Wonk wonk.
Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:49 pm

Can a companion ever have a normal life again? Jenna Coleman says Clara “is a multitasker, but seeing all of time and space is addictive.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:52 pm

Chris Hardwick: With this Doctor, it seems like he has much more of an open-door policy for the TARDIS.

Steven Moffat: Well, Peter has such a friendly face.  But he’s more relaxed. 

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:53 pm

Peter Capaldi: Is The Doctor a nice guy? 

We live in a world where everyone is supposed to be accessible. The Doctor though is a special creature. He’s not a guy. He exists on a total different plane. But if he were a guy, he’d have my face and be a really nice guy.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:58 pm

Audience question: Every character has someone iconic about them. What is yours?

Peter Capaldi: “This eyebrow thing.”

Jenna Coleman: “I have no idea.” (Steven answers, “eyes.”)

Michelle Gomez: “Lips.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20152:59 pm

Michelle Gomez: “The question is, who kissed who? And who let go? And you’ll see if you play it back, Peter had some suction there.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:00 pm

Jenna on her transition from working with Matt Smith to Peter Capaldi: “There aren’t many shows where you swap out the leading man mid-scene. It was a rollercoaster. It was saying goodbye to one dear friend and hello to another all at the same time.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:02 pm

Audience question: “What are you opinions on eventually having a female Doctor?”

Steven Moffat: “There is no vacancy… but my opinion is obvious from the show. His name. I think I’ve explained myself as clearly as I can within the show. You have to read the subtext.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:03 pm

Jenna on a female Doctor: “I think it will happen at some point, but it’s about the right actor.”

<Peter ponders an episode in drag, or The Doctor’s sister appearing…>

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:06 pm

Audience member who is cosplaying as Donna: “Do you think that the 12th Doctor would ever want to travel with any other companion and who would it be?”

Peter looks carefully at her before answering: “He loves traveling with Clara. But he’d like to see his granddaughter again.”

Big sweet sighs from the audience.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:08 pm

Missy’s perfect day? Michelle Gomez: “Tea, a little croissant, and then slapping Wonder Woman in the face.”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:09 pm

Chris Hardwick: Why do you think (The Doctor) is so enamored of humans?

Peter Capaldi: Budgetary reasons.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:10 pm

Steven Moffat: For the record, I have no problem with Sherlock and The Doctor meeting.

I’d do anything for a laugh and a tart. Not an actual tart. No offers.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:13 pm

Jenna Coleman: “Someone described this show to me once as ‘an imagination explosion.'”

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:14 pm

img 0329 Doctor Who live blog: Peter Capaldi gets his first Comic Con experience

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:17 pm

The trailer the Comic-Con audience got to see has now been released! Check it out above.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:18 pm

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:24 pm

Quick trailer of LEGO Dimensions is shown, and as Chris Hardwick said, it will melt your brain.

Kiley Thompson July 9, 20153:25 pm

And with that, Peter Capaldi’s first Comic-Con experience comes to an end. Thanks for following along!