Chef Lorena Garcia on 'Food Fighters'

It’s not often a celebrity chef like Lorena Garcia meets her match, but a shepherd’s pie challenge on “Food Fighters” might just do the trick.

Garcia is going against a firefighter from Georgia who will do anything it takes to make it to the $100,000 prize that awaits him, should he be able to best five different chefs in the kitchen. “I have never made this dish in my life before, ever,” Garcia laments in the Zap2it exclusive clip. “What I know about shepherd’s pie is there’s some kind of ground meat and mashed potatoes on top. That’s pretty much it.”

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Luckily, she’s got a trick up her sleeve in the her signature Latin spices and she isn’t afraid to have a bit of fun, regardless of how confusing it is for her competitor. In the middle of the challenge she does a lap around the kitchen, to get a good look at what the competition is up to. “You stay down there,” he laughs. “I love it.”

“Food Fighters” airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.