Zachary Levi points a gun as Luke Collins in Heroes Reborn

“Heroes Reborn” closes out San Diego Comic-Con 2015 on Sunday (July 12). The cast, producers and creator Tim Kring tell the crowd what they can expect from the new series and how it’s different from its predecessor.

To kick things off Kring debuted the first full-length trailer which has Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman) put on the horn rimmed glasses again and reunites fans with their favorites as well as introducing them to new threats.

Follow along with Zap2it as we liveblog everything that goes down in Hall H!

Megan Vick July 12, 20151:54 pm

Tim Kring opens up the panel by thanking fans for being at Comic-Con 9 years ago for the first go round — and now he gets a “second bite of the apple.” 

Megan Vick July 12, 20151:56 pm

For everyone that got “tired” of “Heroes” the first go round because maybe you thought the show had gotten tired: “We’ve had a long rest and a good night’s sleep so we’re ready to save the world again.” 

Kring is pumping up the crowd for these first clips! 

Megan Vick July 12, 20151:57 pm

Two video games — mobile tablet game and one for PC — that will tell the story between the first Heroes and Heroes Reborn are coming soon! So gamer fans will be much more in the know about the world in the new series.

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:05 pm

The digital prequel “Dark Matters” shows evos starting to embrace their powers again. The story continues in the “Heroes Reborn” app to show how the evos have been targeted in the new world. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:09 pm

And now Kring brings out Greg Grunberg to moderate the panel!! He would like you to follow him on Twitter @gregrunberg 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:10 pm

And Tim Kring tweets for the first time since 2012 with a selfie in Hall H

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:11 pm

The original “Heroes” shot within a 45 mile radius of LA. Now they’ve shot in Iceland, Canada, Tokyo, Paris and more. Heroes worldwide! 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:12 pm

Jack Coleman leads the Comic-Con exclusive full length trailer, never seen before! 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:16 pm

Matt Parkman and Noah Bennett reunite, Noah Gray Cabey returns as Micah and Masi Oka looks AMAZING as Hiro Nakamura! 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:16 pm

And the cast comes out like rockstars to ACDC’s “Back in Black”!! 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:20 pm

Zachary Levi on Luke Collins’ difference from Chuck: Well, Chuck never killed anyone and never wanted to. That’s why he always used a tranq gun and Luke likes to use a glock 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:22 pm

heroes reborn cast comic con Heroes Reborn Comic Con 2015 liveblog

The cast is in the building! 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:25 pm

There’s too much information coming out of the panel so they are bringing out The Haitian! Jimmy Jean-Louis is now on the panel!

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:26 pm

And then Masi Oka comes out for a special surprise visit! Hiro Nakamura swings his sword once again and Hall H is flipping out. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:31 pm

Greg Grunberg is teasing a lot about how much “Heroes Reborn” he’s seen and making the crowd super jealous. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:32 pm

Zachary Levi admits that he’s been a fan of the show since “Heroes” aired on the same night as “Chuck” so he called Tim Kring as soon as he heard the show was coming back. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:33 pm

Masi Oka: We left [“Heroes”] unfinished. So now we’re bringing it back for the fans. 

Greg Grunberg: Some other people went off and did other projects but the rest of us STAYED LOYAL TO THE BRAND. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:35 pm

Tim Kring: We’re still in the works with all of that [music]. The show was very interested in music before and Wendy and Lisa are back doing our score. They are like rockstar royalty in Los Angeles…We always liked breaking new music that people hadn’t heard before. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:37 pm

Greg Grunberg: To go back on a show that you were so lucky to be part of and really changed my career. It was such a blessing, thank you so much Tim. To go back was so great. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:39 pm

The web episodes and expanded “Heroes” content will remain part of the “Heroes Reborn” canon. As Tim Kring says, “The canon of the show remains in tact. That is very true to the mythology and core canon of the show. We really want to honor anyone that spent that much time watching the episodes.” 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:40 pm

Rya Kihlstedt says that her superhero name would be “Super Vagina” — except that was Greg Grunberg’s nickname in high school. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:41 pm

Zachary Levi would call himself Benedict Cumberbatch but Jack Coleman goes with Batman. 

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:42 pm

And Masi is breaking out a clip to reintroduce everyone to Hiro Nakamura!

Megan Vick July 12, 20152:45 pm

Hiro’s sword skills have greatly improved over the last five years. He and Mohinder team up on September 24 on NBC! And that is a wrap for the NBC “Heroes Reborn” panel at Comic-Con.