It’s finally “Supernatural” day at San Diego Comic-Con and we’re in Hall H, ready to live blog the entire panel!

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Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:14 am

Hey, what’s this?  Before the panel has even started, a sneaky Mark Sheppard came out on stage and delivered the POP! Funko character to the table. He even tried to “shush” the crowd. 

That didn’t work.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:15 am

Season 11 will Wednesday, October 7! 

And Hall H will be shown the Season 10 gag reel at the end of the panel.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:16 am

No new season footage to be shown, but there’s a special reel from the 200th episode party that’s never been seen in public. Only at the 200th party and here in Hall H! 

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:18 am

All of the opening sequences, lots of stunts, action, drinking, and as many smoldering moments as this crowd could handle.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:20 am

You name it, pretty much every iconic moment of the show was in that film.

Our favorite? Always and forever, “Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:21 am

Moderating the panel? Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:27 am

Everyone comes on out! Jeremy Carver, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Mark Sheppard and Andrew Dabb.

Everyone loves their POP! Funko dolls.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:27 am

Rob: So The Darkness is actually a hard rock group from the 90s and Castiel becomes a dentist in Season 11, right?

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:29 am

Jeremy: “It’s a thrill being here with you, Rob. So last year, we were proud of Season 10. Intensely personal character stories. This year, we’re going back to more of an epic feel, with the Big Bad, and a quest for the brothers to unite. It’s a pretty special thing this year.”

“It’s like pre-Biblical story that’s obviously never been told. So it’s going to be fun, and most importantly, the brothers will be united in their need to take this thing out.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:29 am

Jared: “We will beat this thing. Because we’re not the LOSE-Chesters.”

High five with Jensen.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:32 am

Jensen: “Essentially, we’re left with the clean up after the Mark of Cain, and now we have to deal with the decisions we’ve made. And what I like about where we’re going is that the brothers are united, much like Season 1, when we were looking for Dad. I’m excited. One of us isn’t inflicted. We’re back to normal, so to speak, and we have a common target.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:32 am

Jeremy to Jensen: “Well.  -Ish.”

And the audience groans.
Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:33 am

Jared asks the crowd who in the Hall is a relatively new fan, especially because of Netflix, and a good number of “whoops” go up, dropping the cast’s jaws.

Go new fans!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:34 am

Misha: “I’m really a new kid here. Only, what, eight seasons, right? But this has been an amazing journey with new fans, and the second generation of fans. And it’s totally bizarre and wonderful. So thanks.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:35 am

img 05281 Supernatural Comic Con 2015 liveblog

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:36 am

Richard: “Jensen and Misha, you guys are TV’s greatest team, since like, what Ernie and Bert. Are we going to see the Castiel/Dean relationship grow?”

Jeremy: “Ish.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:36 am

Misha: “The height difference between me and Jared keeps a Castiel/Sam thing from happening.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:39 am

Rob and Richard skip over Mark to talk to writer Andrew, and Mark gets huffy and goes to the end of the table.

They then address his huffiness by bringing out a hamster… and the hamster “tells” Mark how much he loved working with Mark this season.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:39 am

Jared and Jensen are literally crying with laughter as the hamster asks Mark questions.

The Hall is screaming.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:40 am

The Hamster asks Mark, “You got kind of a b**** slap from Castiel. What is coming up with Crowley in Season 11?”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:40 am

Mark: “I’m dead. They just let me come here because I was going to come here anyway.”

The Hamster: “SAY IT AIN’T SO.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:41 am

Mark: “That hamster was the best actor I worked with all season.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:43 am

Any fan favorites coming back in Season 11?

Jeremy: “There are, but they’re coming back in a surprise way.”

Rob and Richard: “This is incredibly awkward.”

Mark: “Is the Hamster coming back?”

Rob: “The hamster has already had more episodes than we have.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:45 am

Misha on where Castiel is this season: “So far from what I’ve seen of the season … ”

Mark makes a face.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:46 am

Andrew Dabb: “The boys are very much together. And we know Castiel isn’t really a fan favorite, so he’ll find something else to do.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:46 am

They are four days into shooting the new season, and Jensen is directing the season premiere!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:48 am

Misha on Jensen’s direction: “Jensen gave me a little bit of direction on a scene … a few times, and after the third take, he said ‘I think I’m making it worse.'”

Jensen: “There are some people you don’t have to talk to at all, to give them direction. No one on this stage.”

Hamster: “OH HELLO.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:49 am

Jensen asks if anyone in the Hall was in Vancouver when they fired up the Impala a few nights ago, and several people jumped up and yelled.

SPN Family, you’re amazing.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:52 am

Jensen: “People talk about the show being a family. But it is. We’ve seen births, deaths, weddings, children growing up…”

Jared puts his hands up. Best daddy ever.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:54 am

Mark: “I began as a guest star kissing a tall man under a bridge. And now we’re seven season later, and it’s the best thing ever in the world.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:55 am

Fan question time!

What did Jensen like the most/worst about playing demon Dean?

The audience holds up LED candles.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:56 am

Jared is taking pictures of the crowd with the candles.

Jensen: “What is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:57 am

Why was the decision to kill Charlie?

Mass hysteria in the hall, and the cast turns around, leaving Jeremy and Andrew to fend for themselves.
Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:58 am

Jeremy: “That’s an excellent question, and it’s tough considering whenever you have a favorite character, people die on the show. And unfortunately, there are so many ways to answer that. It’s tough. She’s a beloved character. And when we’re in the writers’ room, we have to go where the story takes us.”

Cast ducks.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:00 pm

Jeremy: “If we’re doing our job right, people fall in love with characters. And on this show, everyone dies. That’s probably the best answer I have.”

Jensen: “Charlie was so well received, but she wasn’t supposed to be more than a one-off guest. So we should be thankful for all the time we got with her.”

Rob: “It’s like ‘Game of Thrones.'”

Jensen: “What’s ‘Game of Thrones?'”

Rob: “You’ll know when you do a spoof of it.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:02 pm

Fan question from an adorable little girl cosplaying Castiel.

What monsters did the cast fear when they were kids?
Jared: “Bloody Mary and Hook Man.”
Jensen: “Texas thunder and lightning storms.”
Jared: “Really?”
Jensen: “Yes. Because they’re REAL.”
Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:03 pm

Misha: “When I was four, my family decided to dress my uncle up as Santa, and take a picture of him next to my bed, while I was sleeping, with all the presents. And when I saw the picture, I really freaked the f*** out.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:04 pm

Mark: “I’m still waiting for the Cybermen.”

“Doctor Who” freaks GO WILD.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:07 pm

Favorite Season 10 scenes?

Jensen: “Fight scene with Cain.”

Jared: “I loved the finale in the showdown. It’s always fun to do a fight scene, and there was so much heart in the dialogue. That struck a chord with me.”

Misha: “I liked closing out Jimmy’s storyline and seeing him in heaven. That was cathartic. It was also challenging to play a different character which I haven’t done in almost a decade.”

Mark: “I had a lot of ‘Mommy Issues’ and so then I’d call up my mum and say, ‘listen I love you.'”

Jeremy: “I loved the Crowley/Rowena dynamic.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:13 pm

Jared, addressing the crowd holding up the candles, “I’m truly humbled by you guys.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:14 pm

In closing, Jensen thanks the Hamster for coming to Comic-Con.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201512:18 pm

And now it’s time for the gag reel, which we hope will be online soon, and we’ll post.

Thanks for following along, fans. Bring on October and Season 11!