It’s the last day of San Diego Comic-Con and Sunday (July 12) is starting off with “The Vampire Diaries” panel! Who will be coming in to talk? And most importantly, what will the show be like in Season 7 without Elena?

Follow along as we live blog everything that is said inside Hall H!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:07 am

The crowd is still filing in! So many blankets and sleeping bags, but those fans got spaces right up front.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:10 am

We’re getting started! It’s the seventh appearance of “The Vampire Diaries” at Comic-Con!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:11 am

They just started filming this week, so they don’t have any new footage to show. However, they’re going to show some fan videos before they bring the cast out.

Fans weren’t terribly into that idea. Wonk wonk. We want footage!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:13 am

So. Much. Kissing.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:15 am

Kissing over. All sorts of killing now.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:19 am

And now back to the “mushy stuff.”

It ended with Chris Wood kissing Ian Somerhalder in the rain. Really.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:21 am

The panel is introduced! Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, along with Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:22 am

Julie: “Of course we miss Nina. Hopefully they’re sending us love from L.A.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:22 am

Julie addressing the sleeping curse: “It’s a fairy tale curse. Now Damon has to figure out what to do for the next 60-70 years.”

Ian: “She’s just taking a little nap.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:24 am

Kat’s reaction to how she played into the sleeping curse: “I thought it was a really clever way to keep Elena there, and her presence there. It creates an interesting dynamic in Season 7 for Bonnie and Damon though, and that’s all on Bonnie now.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:24 am

Ian: “It was my favorite stuff, Season 6, between Bonnie and Damon. It was fun, and dynamic. These two people love and hate each other, they resent each other. But they’re stuck together. And it creates a lot of draaaaammmmmaaaaa.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:25 am

Ian will be directing again in Season 7!

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:26 am

Julie: “For Damon, his line is going to get a little crooked. He’s going to hopscotch. We’re going to see a lot of naughty Damon, trying not to be naughty.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:27 am

Ian: “I’m playing the old f***ing Damon. The Damon we really fell in love with. Let’s bring that sexy fun volatile guy. All that sh** that made you love him? I’m bringing it back.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:28 am

With the end of Delena, we have the rise of Steroline.

Paul and Candice want to change that ship name. They say it sounds like a hand cleanser they’d sell at Hall H.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:29 am

Paul: “Steroline sounds like the medical cure for Delena.”


Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:29 am

Paul: “I love making Candice feel awkward on the set. I’m friends with her husband. So I like making her uncomfortable when we have to make out.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:30 am

Paul: “I love the history between these two characters. Those deep in the eye moments between characters. I’ve had those with Ian too.”

Ian: “Yeah you have.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:32 am

Candice on turning her humanity off: “It was fun. It was such a tragic storyline and I thought it was such a human obstacle to overcome. To go to heartless badass Caroline, it was just a fun place to go for the character.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:33 am

Julie’s teasers for Season 7: “Very unexpected twists and turns for Steroline. They’re getting really cemented. Where we left off, Caroline is trying really hard not to be ready. 

But there will be more shirtless scenes in Season 7.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:33 am

The panel is introduced! Candice Accola, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Michael Malarkey, along with Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:35 am

What can we tease about the heretics in Season 7?

Caroline: The challenge is topping the villain from the previous year, and so how do we top Kai. So bringing in Lily’s family is the best way to do that.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:37 am

Ian just got proposed to be a “Game of Thrones” cosplayer, and he flashed his wedding band. 

“I can’t. I’m happily married.”


Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:38 am

If Season 6 Damon could give Season 1 Damon advice, what would it be?

Ian: “Never. Change. No, really, I think Season 6 Damon would say, ‘remind me how I used to be and take me back to that place. Never change.'”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:41 am

Can we expect Klaus to come back for Caroline? 

Paul: “He’ll have to get through me.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:41 am

Ian and Paul both love the episode “Lost Girls” and any of the episodes they direct.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:42 am

img 0519 The Vampire Diaries Comic Con 2015 panel liveblog

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:42 am

Candice loved the pilot for sentimental reasons. And everyone loves the flashback episodes.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:43 am

Season 3 episode 5, The Reckoning, is Kat’s favorite episode.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:45 am

What are the cast’s plans for after “The Vampire Diaries?”

Paul: “I’m going to sink into a deep depression and stare at Ian’s headshot.”

Ian: “I was told this is never-ending. Ask us that next year. Maybe. We’re just trying to survive now.”

Paul: “Actually, I’m going to try to get on another of Julie’s nine shows.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:47 am

Is Paul like Stefan?

Candice: “No.”

Paul: “Wait, what? No wait. I have nothing in common with Stefan. You wouldn’t like me in real life. But I do my own hair. So I feel good about that.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:47 am

Paul: “Both Stefan and I both cry over women.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:49 am

For Julie, will the show end after Season 7? Ian whistles the “Jeopardy” theme song.

Julie: “No, I don’t see that happening.”

Paul: “BUT if it were to end, how?”
Julie: “I know how it ends. Caroline knows how it ends. And no matter what, I believe that the show will eventually end that way.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:52 am

Ian: “Bonnie, and Kat, are super duper sincere and loving. But… when you piss either of them off, run.”

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:53 am

Candice’s similarities with Caroline: “Party planning.”

Paul says they’re both lovely. Awwwww.

Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:56 am

There could be more singing for Caroline in Season 7. Paul asks Candice if she’d like to sing now.

“No, Paul. No,” says Candice.
Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:57 am

Moving on without Elena:

Damon: “This is an evolution of the story. Everything changes. It’s the way things are.”
Paul: “When a show has been on for seven years (SIX, says Ian … SHUT UP, says Paul) but when Nina decided to leave, it shifted the world, and it’s a fresh take on a show that’s been on for over half a decade.”
Kiley Thompson July 12, 201510:58 am

An audience member asks if there will be “Vampire Diaries” POP! Funko figurines.

Julie totally wants one. The cast isn’t sure what they are. 


Kiley Thompson July 12, 201511:02 am

And with that, the panel is over. Thanks for reading along, #TVD fans!