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If a man had been your friend for eleven years — made you laugh and told you stories and shared his craziest, drunken escapades with you — and you didn’t wish him a happy birthday, you’d kinda be a jerk. Which would actually make you fit right in with the gang from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” and is also a reason why we should all celebrate the 40th birthday of series star Glenn Howerton.

Eleven years ago, Howerton and pals Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day created and began chronicling the escapades of “The Gang,” which also includes Danny DeVito as Frank and Kaitlin Olson as the outspoken “Sweet Dee.” This month, Howerton received an early birthday present, with a “Sunny” renewal that will take the show through its 14th season.

In tribute to Howerton and his efforts in creating one of TVs best comedies over the last decade-plus, here’s how his iconic character Dennis Reynolds would celebrate him hitting the big 4-0.

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Step 1: Drink Wine in a Can

As Mac once said:I feel like drinking wine out of a can is conducive to my violent hand gestures when I speak.” So, to properly party with The Gang, it’s important that you pour some wine into an empty soda can and take it wherever the evening goes. As Frank knows, there’s no better way to remain inconspicuous.

Step 2: Play Chardee MacDennis

As seen in the classic seventh episode of Season Seven entitled “Chardee MacDennis: The Game of Games,” Dennis would want to celebrate by playing The Gang’s own made-up game involving alcohol, three levels and a timer. It’s kinda like Chutes and Ladders but not at all — if you go to “jail” you’re put in a dog kennel, and you’d better hope you don’t get “Emotional Battery” or you’re in for a long game as your fellow contestants berate you for hours. Ready to play? Of course, Dennis would want to start things off with a celebratory toast …

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Step 3: Go for a boat ride

Just don’t forget to bring your mattress.

Step 4: Practice your monologues

Dennis loves his monologues — and something tells us that Howerton loves delivering them. His nose was chiseled by the gods themselves, and he is ready to peak all over everybody.

Step 5: Blast “The Boys are Back in Town”

At the end of a long day of celebrating, Dennis knows how to come home with a song in his heart and divorce on his mind. Happy birthday, Glenn — may you never get a dead tooth.