Donald Trump Joker and Hillary Quinn at Comic-Con 2016  SOURCE: Getty

One of the great things about San Diego’s annual Comic-Con festivities is that although they attract the biggest names in Hollywood, anyone can be a star with the help of some makeup, a cool costume and a fierce red carpet pose.

It’s true again in 2016, as the halls of the convention center are overflowing with fans in costume. Showing support for their favorite shows, movies and comics, their outfits represent everything from summer blockbusters to tiny obscure characters to clever twists that incorporate real-world themes — or even politics.

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Check out the images below for the very best cosplay we've seen so far. From Joker Trump and Hillary Quinn to Mario & Luigi, sexy "Suicide Squad" fans and scary "Walking Dead" junkies, all your favorites are represented.

Every year, there are a few costumes that take some extra guts (in the form of a six-pack) to pull off. So, here's a special shout-out to all the folks dressed as Princess Leia in the gold bikini, Lara Croft and Harley Quinn. Oh, and Mr. Silver Surfer in the tiny bathing suit: We salute you.