It’s been a topic of conversation amid genre fans for months now: what will “American Horror Story” Season 6 be about? We’ve asked that very question multiple times. And while FX is not announcing the theme until new episodes premiere, they have been dropping clues here and there.

Now, the biggest teases have been revealed in the form of six different video clips. Previously, the clips in question premiered exclusively on Snapchat. On Friday (July 29), FX released the promos to Youtube and Facebook for everyone’s viewing pleasure. If ever there was a time to raise an eyebrow and get giddy for the next installment of the series, now would be it!

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The first teaser is titled “Milli Crossing,” and it shows a millipede crawling over the head of a young blonde girl. Her green eyes slowly moving up to camera as the insect crawls down her face. Would this be the Antichrist we’ve predicted in previous posts? Or is Ryan Murphy taking another page from “Village of the Damned”?

Then, there’s this promo titled, “What’s Cookin?”

If ever there was a nod to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” it’d have to be this video. Not only does it imply that something is indeed cooking — ahem, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre II” — but the sound of an actual chainsaw at the end pretty much solidifies the notion that we’ll be dealing with some backwoods cannibals this time around. Move over Bloody Face, there’s a new psycho in town.

Speaking of backwoods, how about some “The Hills Have Eyes” action? We may be reaching here as the mutants in that movie didn’t have glowing eyes, but the silhouettes in “Sunset Stroll” could be a family of mutant cannibals.

We’re definitely assuming these people are mutants. Why … ?

This is why.

In the promo titled “Post Op,” some poor sap is left on some very unsterile looking surface as their head is stapled shut. “Try to keep it dry,” says the man off camera. Could this be a patient we never saw in “Asylum,” dealing with the monstrous practices that made Briarcliff famous? It’s possible.

Not much is shown in “Descent,” aside from what looks like stairs to a basement of some sort. But as we see the unknown person’s feet run down the steps, a number of dastardly looking hands reach out for them. Is this an homage to Wes Craven’s “The People Under the Stairs”? Or are these just … uh, people under the stairs?

And finally, there’s “Lullaby.” If ever there was a clip that backs up our prediction of the Antichrist coming to “American Horror Story,” it’d be this one. While a lullaby plays in the background, a demonic baby’s hand reaches up to play with one dangerous looking mobile. Is the “AHS” story taking a trip back to “Murder House?”

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We’ll find out these answers and more when “American Horror Story” Season 6 premieres on Wednesday, Sept. 14 on FX.