Gio and Kaylen 'Are You the One?'

Joining ranks with Asaf, “Are You the One?’s” least desirable man, is none other than Gio. He went from talking wedding rings and babies with Kaylen, to completely dismissing her after she didn’t want to have sex in the Boom Boom Room.

While Kaylen was waffling over her feelings for Gio on Monday’s (July 18) episode, the embattled couple was sent into the Truth Booth to finally get some answers. It turns out, these two are not a perfect match.

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This news sent ripples of drama throughout the house. A newly vindicated Gio now knows that his true match is Julie. Why? Because he feels it, yo.

This leaves Stephen mad, because he was hoping they would be a match. What is it about Julia that is sending all these guys to crazy town? The world may never know.

Julia Rose 'Are You the One?'

This cast’s entire strategy to winning the $1 million prize is shaken up by finding out that these two are not a match. Gio and Kaylen have picked one another every time in every voting ceremony.  So, if it wasn’t them earning the perfect match strobe light, which couple was?

Kaylen is also upset. After spending all her time focusing on Gio, she now has to quickly mend her broken heart. It’s back to square one for her. Which guy is her perfect match?

Kaylen and Tori 'Are You the One?'

Tori maps out a master plan — all emotions aside — in which certain girls must pick certain guys to ultimately figure out exactly who those perfect matches are. It’s a very smart game tactic that everyone seems to be on board with … that is, until the actual voting commences.

Needless to say, it all quickly falls apart. Emotions were running way too high for certain girls to set aside their feelings. And who can blame them? These guys are an intriguing breed of terrible.

Case in point: Cam slept with Victoria only to wake and tell her the he was too hammered to remember any of it. Surprise, he doesn’t even like her!

Cam 'Are You the One?'

After going back and replaying the previous evening’s festivities, it does appear that Cam is nearly too drunk to stand up. Poor Victoria, the girl can’t help but cry. We don’t blame her, really. She feels that no one in the house is attracted to her unless he’s blackout drunk. Not for nothing, but we just want to jump through the TV screen and give her a big hug. Cam’s not worth the tears.

Then Prosper announces that he has no feelings for Nicole which comes as news to everyone, especially Nicole. To her credit, anyone watching them would’ve also assumed that he was definitely into her.

Prosper and Nicole 'Are You the One?

So, Nicole also joins in the tears during what’s already a disaster of a voting ceremony. Gio gets hurt when Julia randomly picks Morgan over him, causing Tori to be even more pissed because no one is following her plan. With all these random matches, it seemed like the group was going to get their first blackout and have $250,000 deducted from their possible grand prize.

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Shockingly enough, the cast didn’t fare too badly. Four of these couples are perfect matches:

Cam and Emma

Prosper and Victoria

Stephen and Nicole

Asaf and Camille

Sam and Alyssa

Mordan and Julia

John and Tori

Gio and Francesca

“Are You the One?” airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.