Fans expected many things during “Arrow’s” panel at San Diego Comic-Con. They were there for news about what’s to come in Season 5 — and if the team would be getting back together after disbanding. They were hopeful for new footage from the Season 5 premiere. And, of course, they wanted to see their favorite superheroes joking around with each other on stage.

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While they got all of that, they surely weren’t expecting what closed out the panel: a “Hamilton” sing-along. When a fan asked if singing would ever be incorporated into the show, stars Stephen Amell and John Barrowman started singing “You’ll Be Back” from the hit Broadway musical. In no time at all the cast joined in, with Echo Kellum adding a stellar solo to the proceedings. Even the crowd got to lend their voices for the chorus, leading to a very special Comic-Con moment that was captures on video by Paul Blackthorne for all to enjoy.

This isn’t the first time “Arrow” and “Hamilton” have crossed paths, though. A fan Twitter account, Arrow as Hamilton, has been pairing quotes from the musical with images and GIFs from the show for some time, bringing the two pop culture titans together in a rather fitting way.

Sadly, though you may be hoping for it after seeing their performance, there’s no musical coming to “Arrow” anytime soon. However, Barrowman was quick to suggest to the crowd that they’d love to do an original musical on The CW. So there you go, network executives. Make it happen!