With just a couple weeks until San Diego Comic Con, the goodies have begun to flow in showcasing tidbits and sneak peeks at upcoming movies and small-screen favorites. It was during last year’s event that genre fans were treated to the first glimpse at “Ash vs Evil Dead,” signifying the return of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi to the franchise they created.

Now, with ten episodes under their belt and a new season on the horizon, Starz premiered a new teaser trailer to Facebook, whetting the appetites of deadites near and far. As you can see, the gang is still together doing what they do best. And while it’s up in the air on whether Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) will finally end up together, there’s no question that things will get bloody evil real quick.

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So, since the teaser doesn’t give us too much to go on — aside from Lucy Lawless’ return as Ruby — let’s rundown the clip’s most Raimi-est moments. Let’s go!

The boomstick

We know this is a given, as you can’t really have Ash in any “Evil Dead”-inspired series without his signature weapon. But, it’s worth acknowledging the squee-like sounds that escaped our collective mouths as we took in the opening shot. The quick-cut, zoom-in shots add an iconic Raimi touch. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The gore

Keeping things practical on the effects tip, it looks like Starz has upped the gore budget, moving into Season 2. While we did get our fair share of blood in Season 1’s official trailer, it feels like Raimi and Co. are going the “Evil Dead 2” route and throwing as much bodily fluids as possible at our heroes.

The guts

Yes, we’re ripping this straight from the teaser’s tagline but there’s a reason why it specifically mentions the word “guts.” Shooting zombies in the head can only take a story so far — we’re looking at you, “The Walking Dead” — but sticking with practical effects gives “Ash vs Evil Dead” a nice throwback feel for all the die-hard fans out there. Plus, there’s something rather fun about watching Ash battle a possessed snake-like intestine. If anything, it feels like Season 2 is really going to push the envelope.

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The Ash

Look, there’s pretty much no show here if Bruce Campbell isn’t involved. There’s something unabashedly fun about watching our intrepid hero be bombarded by blood and guts one minute only to obliviously ride a mechanical bull the next. With Ruby still hot on Ash’s tail, things are going to get heated pretty fast. Adding Ted Raimi and Lee Majors into the mix is just going to be one beautifully groovy mess to behold.

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” Season 2 premieres Friday, September 23 on Starz.