Just when you thought it was safe to do a keg stand in Jacksonville, Florida, the Deadites are back. It’s tough break for Ash (Bruce Campbell), but then again … such is life.

Starz premiered the official Season 2 trailer for “Ash vs. Evil Dead” on Tuesday (July 19) and this time around, it looks like the effects budget has received a welcome boost. That’s not to say that practical effects aren’t the still go-to method for the show’s gore. No, that detail looks to still be a lovely factor in the gruesome story. But from the looks of the above clip, things are going to be even more hilariously visceral for Ash, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).

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Not too much is given away in the above clip, but we are finally treated to a glimpse of both Ash’s father (Lee Majors) and childhood friend (Ted Raimi) in their newfound roles. It may be a short shot of him, but Majors on a mechanical bull feels very apropos. And, that casting is spot on. Plus, Raimi’s hairstyle harkens back to look reminiscent of early Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day … which we’re surprisingly okay with.

Aside from the whole smorgasbord of gory goodness, it looks like Ruby (Lucy Lawless) has resurfaced and summoned Ash back to his hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan. By all accounts, it feels like hunting Deadites is about to become a family affair.

“Ash vs. Evil Dead” returns this October to Starz.