The week 4 nominations have been made in the “Big Brother 18” house and they are hardly a surprise — but what is surprising is a new alliance that took shape over night. Read on to find out which former enemies are now working together, but be warned of live feed spoilers.

The noms

Paulie is the new Head of Household and he decided that Tiffany is his best target this week, mainly because after being saved Thursday (July 14) she went a little off the rails and started jabbering to everybody. The five people who decided to keep her are now really wishing they had not.

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So the nominees are Tiffany and Natalie, because Natalie is exactly zero threat to anyone, so unless Tiffany wins Power of Veto, she’s probably out the door this week. However …

The new alliance

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Frank and Tiffany came together and began comparing notes on what Da’Vonne had been telling them this past week — namely, that they were gunning for each other when in reality, it was more like Day gunning for Frank and Frank only starting to go after Tiffany with much prodding from Day.

The two decided to work together along with Bridgette to see if they can get someone else out this week — hopefully Da’Vonne. They’re only chance is to win the Road Kill comp and put her up as a third nominee, then turn the house against her. But even if Tiffany doesn’t win POV, having Da’Vonne on the block next to her could save her this week.

A lot is riding on the next two competitions.