In what only came as a surprise to the guys' half of the Revolution alliance, Jozea Flores was evicted from the "Big Brother 18" house Thursday (June 30).

He will have a chance to come back, however, as host Julie Chen revealed the new "Battle Back" competition. It seems "Big Brother" is taking a page out of "Survivor's" book, as the first five evicted hamsters  are going to face off in pairs and the last one standing will re-enter the house. The "Battle Back" episode airs Friday, July 22, which will show all four competitions.

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However, that is a ways off and we now have a new Head of Household to shake things up in Zap2it's power rankings for week 2. Spoiler warning: Don't keep reading if you don't want to know who won HOH after the live show ended Thursday.

1. Category 4, held steady

big brother 18 third BB 18 power rankings week 2: Team Unicorn is in trouble

This is an easy one -- Paulie won HOH, which means Category 4 is completely safe this week. More importantly, the Eight Pack should be able to remain in charge -- though, weirdly, they have never invited Paulie to join their alliance. They merely kept him safe in week 1. If he starts to feel unsafe, could he be swayed to flip? Maybe, but it's not likely (at least, not at this point).

Also, Frank should be thanking his lucky stars that his team won HOH, because many Eight Pack members were none too happy that he clued Natalie and Bridgette (and Bronte, by extension) in on the plan to evict Jozea. They wonder if he's putting his own interests above those of the alliance at this point, which it's a little early to be doing. So he better look out after this week.

But for now, the only question now is who the Eight Pack wants to target this week. We'll get to that in a second ...

2. The Freakazoids, up two spots

big brother 18 favorite team BB 18 power rankings week 2: Team Unicorn is in trouble

After being the first team to lose a member, the Freakazoids pulled off a successful first week as the HOH team. They rounded up support and evicted the initial target with very little muss or fuss.

This week should be easy going for them, because it doesn't sound like Nicole, Corey or Tiffany are being targeted. The only danger here is if someone from the other side of the house wins Road Kill and puts one of them up. They all make enticing targets for eviction for various reasons -- Nicole's smart and a veteran player, Corey's a physical threat (and he's charming and good-looking) and Tiffany is an emotional loose cannon, so she could even be evicted by her own alliance (there's been mutterings of that).

To maintain their good position, the Freakazoids need to be vigilant this week and not just assume everything is going their way.

3. Team Big Sister, held steady

big brother 18 second jozea davonne BB 18 power rankings week 2: Team Unicorn is in trouble

This is an interesting team, because two-thirds of it are sitting pretty ... while the other one-third is fighting for his life this week. Zakiyah and Da'Vonne are in great shape in the house right now. Not only are they part of the Eight Pack, but their all-female alliance within the Eight Pack, the Fatal Five, feels like the strongest female alliances the game has ever seen. If none of them lose their heads, they could go very far before the guys even know what's going on.

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Paul, meanwhile, is in bad shape this week. His alliance is falling apart, he was completely blindsided by Jozea's eviction and he still doesn't really understand how "Big Brother" works. Just last night on the feeds he was doing things like asking which competition is next and being completely gobsmacked to find out what "backdooring" is. Dude. You should have watched more "Big Brother" before you came on the show.

The only thing keeping Paul safe this week is that he's not the No. 1 target (but he better hope Victor doesn't find a way to take himself off the block).

4. Team Unicorn, down two spots

big brother 18 least BB 18 power rankings week 2: Team Unicorn is in trouble

Oh, Team Unicorn. Three of you made a valiant effort to form an alliance, but you A) picked the wrong people to align with, and B) didn't shore up a majority vote in the house.

Now all the Unicorns save James are scrambling. Natalie and Bronte have easily jumped ship and are pretty much going to do whatever the Eight Pack tells them to in order to stay safe. It's not a bad strategy at this point -- let the Eight Pack evict who they want for the first couple weeks and then when cracks start to form (as they inevitably will), find an alliance to attach yourselves to. Fingers crossed the Fatal Five decide that Natalie and/or Bronte are good potential allies, because that could be a lot of fun to watch.

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As for Victor, he's in trouble this week. He is 100 percent the main target, which is interesting because while Paul doesn't know "Big Brother" very well, Victor also doesn't know "Big Brother" and additionally just seems like dingbat. He is not a threat to the Eight Pack at all and if we were in that alliance, Paul would be our No. 1 target.

But it's Victor. The only question Paulie is wrestling with is whether to nominate Victor outright or backdoor him. Now, backdooring is a dangerous proposition since "Big Brother" changed the rules about how POV players are picked. But since the Eight Pack has a good back-up plan in evicting Paul, they could probably get away with trying to backdoor Victor.