It was looking like the “Big Brother 18” house was going to be mighty boring in week 2 of the CBS summer reality series … but it didn’t stay boring for long. A new mastermind has taken the reins and the only question remains if he or she can pull off this devious new plot. Read on to find out what’s going down, but be warned of spoilers from the live feeds.

The new target

Now, the plan for week 2 has not changed — Victor is still most likely going to be evicted. But several players are looking ahead to week 3 already and their ringleader, Da’Vonne, is ready to start playing fast and furious.

All day Tuesday (July 5), Day pow-wowed with multiple people and figured out that Frank has made Final 4 or Final 2 deals many houseguests. Combine that with the fact that he:

  • Spilled the beans early about Jozea’s eviction, which was a move that primarily helped his own game and not that of his alliance.
  • Told Paulie about the Eight Pack alliance.
  • Keeps spanking the female players, which is not OK with them and is making them uncomfortable.

and Da’Vonne has a good case to get the house to target him.

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Day has so far spoken with Zakiyah, Nicole, Tiffany and James about evicting Frank next week and her minions have mentioned it to both Corey and Michelle. Next week there will be nine votes, so they only need to five to evict Frank, which they should be able to get, especially if they snatch up Paul, who really has no allies in the house.

Pulling it off

There are three key factors in pulling off a Frank blindside.

First, a lot hinges on who wins the next Head of Household competition. If Category 4 wins, Michelle has already been instructed by Nicole that she needs to fight to get them to name her HOH. If Frank wins, that’s obviously a non-starter. Bridgette is the wild card. But as long as Frank isn’t HOH, there is still a chance to get him out.

Because the second key factor are the other two comps, Road Kill and POV. Day thinks the best plan is to backdoor Frank, so putting up a couple pawns (like Bronte and Bridgette), and then maybe even a pawn for the third nom, may be the way to go. They just have to make sure Frank doesn’t win POV.

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The final step is keeping their mouths shut — and this may be harder than keeping Frank from winning HOH or POV. But if he gets wind of what is happening, Frank will be tough to get out of the house. He proved in Season 14 that he goes into beast mode when he feels threatened and he has already started to suspect the house is divided girls vs. boys. If he suspects Da’Vonne and her crew of targeting him, you can bet he’ll round up support from all the male players immediately.

Whether that would be enough to save him remains to be seen — it all depends on who doesn’t have voting power (i.e., the HOH and the nominees). But either way, Thursday night can’t get here fast enough.