It looked like it might again be kind of a quiet week in the “Big Brother 18” house — until new Head of Household Bridgette woke up to what’s happening in the house. Read on to find out who is on the block and why Bridgette is having second thoughts, but be warned — live feed spoilers.

The nominees

As HOH Bridgette nominated Tiffany and Paul. However, Frank is really the one who made those nominations. He’s Bridgette’s teammate, he’s a veteran and she fell for his plans of getting Tiffany out this week.

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But the Road Kill competition nomination is what clued her in to what is really going on. Frank won Road Kill (for the second time this season) and he put up Bronte, who is one of Bridgette’s best friends in the house. She’s not happy about it and she realizes that the girls are playing right into Frank’s hands by voting out one of their own (Tiffany).

The new plan

The plan now is try to get a guy out. Paul is on the block, so it might end up being him. But if Tiffany, Bronte or Bridgette win POV, Corey is the plan to be the re-nom and the girls want to vote him out. They think they can get Da-Vonne and Zakiyah to vote their way and maybe James. That would be enough. They only need five votes this week and the five would be Day, Zak, James, Natalie and then whoever comes down (Bronte or Tiffany).

But we’ll have to see how things shake out after the POV competition and ceremony.

But either way, you can bet Frank is going to be in trouble next week. If his team doesn’t win HOH again, he’s the No. 1 suspect of nearly other houseguest in the game.

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