The week 4 Power of Veto meeting is complete in the “Big Brother 18” house, with the three nominees set for Thursday’s (July 21) live eviction. But it was not without some major drama, so read on to find out what’s been going down on the live feeds. But be warned — spoilers ahead.

The POV ceremony

To update: Paulie nominated Tiffany and Natalie. Tiff then won the Road Kill competition and secretly nominated Corey, who promptly won Power of Veto. Monday he removed himself from the block with the POV.

To have a hope this week, Zap2it feels Tiffany should have then nominated Nicole — flipping the non-showmance people against Nicole would have been much easier than flipping the showmances against Da’Vonne, we think. But Tiffany feels differently and put Da’Vonne on the block.

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Apparently after the meeting, Day flipped her braids and hit Tiffany. Tiff thought Day hit her on purpose, even going so far as to say to Frank she should complain to the Diary Room about Day’s “physical violence,” but the chatter on the feeds says it was not intentional. Day meant it as an “I don’t care” type thing, not as an intentional action to physically hurt Tiffany.

The fallout

Honestly, this feels like the wrong move for Tiffany, Frank and Bridgette's fledgling alliance. People don't like Tiffany, so they want her out. Da'Vonne may not have many friends in the house, but she's tight with Zakiyah, who is part of the showmance alliance, so chances are good they won't flip and vote Day out.

Even if Nicole and Corey flipped, as they have discussed doing on the feeds, they still need a fifth vote. Paul is pretending like he's open to the idea, talking with Frank about evicting Day, but Paul is actually trying to ingratiate himself with the showmance side of the house by talking to Frank and Tiffany about strategy and then immediately reporting everything they say to Corey, Paulie, Nicole, etc.

It should be a fun week in the house as everyone scrambles to keep their side in the majority, though right now, Tiffany's chances don't look great.