In what was no surprise, Frank was evicted from the “Big Brother 18” house Thursday (July 28). But the new Head of Household was left up in the air during the live show. Read on to find out who won and how that affects the balance of power in the house this week. Warning: Spoilers from the live feeds.

The feeds returned roughly 90 minutes after the live show ended, revealing that Paul had been crowned HOH. He immediately started telling his alliance — the showmances — that Bridgette is his main target this week. He really wants her out, which is kind of baffling. Bridgette is absolutely zero threat and she’s totally alone. Now is the time to scoop her up into your alliance, not cut her loose. It’s kind of a waste of an HOH, to be honest. Paul should be leveraging keeping her safe this week for her loyalty.

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But anyway, that’s not the plan from Paul “I’ve never seen this show” Abrahamian. He wants Bridgette gone and he was asking for volunteers to go up beside her as the pawn. The showmance folks, proving just how dumb they are, almost all started volunteering. *headsmack*

So, here are Zap2it’s power rankings for week six in the “BB 18” house.

1. Victor, up 2 spots

Hear us out — Victor is in such good shape right now. He’s friends with the new HOH and therefore isn’t going to be nominated this week. Plus, he’s not on anybody’s radar because they were in the house all those weeks forming alliances and deciding who they do and do not like. Victor just has to keep his head down and he’ll get through several weeks of evictions.

2. Paul, up 2 spots


This guy is the new HOH, so he's obviously in good shape. How long that lasts is anybody's guess. Paul has definitely turned into the lackey for the showmance alliance, and he's also weirdly targeting Bridgette this week (we'll get to that), but for right now at least, he's safe and most likely will be for another couple weeks.

3. Michelle, up 3 spots


Michelle is absolutely the biggest floater this season, but this week she's not on anybody's radar. Her name wasn't tossed around at all Thursday night on the live feeds. What she needs to do with this safety is shore up an alliance for herself. Now that Frank is gone, Michelle needs to top being so petty and align herself with people like Bridgette, James and Da'Vonne. Of course, that's much easier said than done.

4. James, down 3 spots

James is another person who's name is not being tossed around for the block this week, so he's in good shape. The only reason he's below Michelle is because Natalie's name is being tossed around and, since she's his main ally in the game, that's indicating to him how low he is in the pecking order.

5. Natalie, down 3 spots

Natalie is nobody's target, but she's also an easy pawn because she's not going to make waves, she's super nice and nobody wants to evict her. That puts her firmly in the middle of the pack this week, because being an easy pawn is a good/bad situation.

6. The showmance alliance, down 1 spot


With their lapdog in power this week, the four showmancers -- Paulie/Zakiyah and Corey/Nicole -- seem to be in good shape this week. However, Paul needs a pawn to go up next to Bridgette (his main target) and maybe Da'Vonne (as the renom if Bridgette saves herself). And the showmance folks are volunteering left and right. Zakiyah seems to be the only one with a lick of sense and has not volunteered, but Paulie, Corey and Nicole all volunteered at some point Thursday night to go up as a pawn.

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That is a dangerous game to play, because pawns end up going home all the time. If they were smart, they would have threatened Paul with numbers and told him to use Natalie or James as a pawn.

As it stands, it looks like Paulie and Bridgette are going to be the nominees. And if the rest of the house is smart, they'll go after Paulie -- because what better time to get out such a huge threat?

10. Da'Vonne, held steady

Day desperately needs to get an alliance together. She's really kind of floundering and if Bridgette saves herself, Paul has said Day will be the re-nom. That's not good for her game.

If Day were smart, she'd round up Victor, Michelle, Bridgette, James and Natalie and make them see that the only chance they have against the showmance-plus-Paul alliance is to work together and evict the pawn this week.

11. Bridgette, held steady

Bridgette is in much the same boat as Da'Vonne, though she's lower because she's Paul's primary target.

But there are eight votes this week, so they need five to evict the pawn. Bridgette, Da'Vonne and James need to wake up and start working together. If either of those girls are on the block next to Paulie after the POV, then the one not on the block needs to get James, Natalie and Michelle to vote out Paulie. That's four votes -- if they had those four, they might be able to convince Victor that this is the right move for his game. Then that would be five and that's enough.

It's a long shot, but it'll be interesting to see how this week goes down. Expect nominations Friday and Power of Veto competition Saturday.