Bryan Cranston’s latest project is “All the Way,” the HBO movie about President Lyndon Johnson’s first year in office after the assassination of President Kennedy. And if you thought Cranston was good as LBJ, you should see his Donald Trump.

Cranston proved on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” Tuesday (July 12) that he should definitely be one of the top picks to play the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in the inevitable TV movie about the 2016 election.

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“He’s fascinating to me. As an actor, studying other characteristics and personalities and eventually playing larger-than-life characters, he is an amazing persona,” says Cranston. “But he’s like a huge cargo ship — he draws immense attention, his displacement of water is incredible, he leaves a wake like nobody’s business, you can’t stop looking at this, but inside the cargo hold is empty … he’s an amazing human being. I will say this about him. He has stimulated the populous to a great extent, just the fact that people are more interested in politics and going to vote is a good thing.”

But lest you think Cranston’s appearance was all about politics, take a gander at his story about visiting his 87-year-old Uncle Bob in his Florida retirement community.

“He lives south of Tampa in a retirement community, very nice, very friendly people … who are all nudists,” says Cranston, going on to act out what it was like to be approached by naked senior citizens.

Somewhere, a Discovery Channel executive is shouting, “Get me Bryan Cranston’s Uncle Bob on the phone!”