Zap2it: How surprised are you by the reception ‘UnReal’ has gotten?

Constance Zimmer: We’re working our butts off, and when you feel like you’re doing that and no one’s watching, it’s really hard to keep the morale up and want to keep doing it. We feel so unbelievably grateful that people are watching (“UnReal”) and paying attention to it and understanding it … and getting things that are not obvious things to get. They’re also getting the deep, dark kernels that are underneath, so we have complete shock-and-awe moments every day.

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Zap2it: Were you happy with your stint on ABC’s ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ last season?

Constance Zimmer: Oh, it was like the best on-hiatus dream job any girl could ask for! I got to work with Clark Gregg again — I’d worked with him on “The New Adventures of Old Christine” — and it was so much fun. The Marvel Universe is unlike anything else on television, the things you get to do and live in this very surreal world.

And Rosalind was one of those female characters who was strong and vulnerable and serious. I knew I wasn’t going to stay the course, but I didn’t know how they were going to get rid of me. And when I read the scene, I shed a tear. I was very sad.

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Zap2it: While you’re working on ‘UnReal’ in Vancouver, British Columbia, your family is in Los Angeles. Do those two sides of your life balance well?

Constance Zimmer: It’s definitely my top priority to make sure that it does. Luckily, “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” is (filmed) in L.A., so on my hiatus from “UnReal,” I was home working … and it makes a big difference. I try to go home every weekend from Vancouver to be with my family, and I’ve had them come up there a few times. Some times are harder than others, but it’s about being present when you are present.